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Arcane + Tender

Arcane (adj). requiring secret knowledge to be understood; esoteric.  L; arcānus secret, arcēre to keep safe


Tender (vb. (tr.) 1. To give, present or offer: to tender a bid. 2. Law. to offer (money or goods) in settlement of a debt or claim. ~ n. 3. the act or an instance of tendering: offer. 4. a formal offer to supply specified goods or services at a stated cost or rate. 5. something, esp. money, used as an official medium of payment: legal tender. Anglo-F tendre,  L tendere to extend

(Above citation from the Collins Concise Dictionary of the English Language (1985).

Arcane Tender has formed a significant thread running through my practice and most recently found expression during a visit to Cuba during 2018; this journey is described more fully below.  The title adopted for this work 'Arcane Tender' seeks to convey the shared understanding or common language existing between artists; a universal culture in which the expression of ideas can transcend the conventions of more local constraints or political contexts.  When I returned from Cuba I carried a number of artworks in my suitcase—necessarily described as tourist souvenirs—which were later to form the basis of an exhibition held at the University of Nottingham.  I am now looking to take this project forward to by seeking new venues in which to exhibit these Cuban artworks. 

An image by Ricardo Miquel Hernandez during my research visit to Cuba

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A micro exhibition of artworks brought to the UK from Cuba by the artist Irene Rogan, following a research visit to explore contemporary Cuban art and culture, and to foment an exchange between Cuban and British artists.

The works are a small sample of current contemporary art in Cuba by both young and more established artists. Irene Rogan’s work involves a collaboration producing photography and a short film.

The exhibition is made up of 11 framed works, two oil on canvas paintings, by seven Cuban artists and one British artist (Irene Rogan). The contributing artists are two painters, two mixed-media artists, one documentary filmmaker, one photographer and one included a screening of a  documentary entitled Mascara, by Pablo Massip, an internationally awarded filmmaker.

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