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 Curriculum Vitae

21 Grammerscroft, Millom, Cumbria LA18 5EJ ENGLAND, UK

Mob: +44 7885522525



1987-88 Foundation Cumbria College of Art & Design Carlisle, UK

1988-91 B A (Hons) Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University, UK



2024 10th  May - 29th June Rock Solid 2, Kendal Museum and Art Gallery, Cumbria 

2023 OSMOSIS The Vicarage, Broughton in Furness, Cumberland  artist-curator: Irene Rogan featuring

Sonic Saturation' sound, music: David Baker, Jo and Neil Wade, Photography of local standing stones - Jem Freiesleben - '

Genesis Echoes a participatory spoken word event - Julie Jackson, Permeations - Cultural Osmosis  activist artwork against  Geological Disposal Facility  (GDF) a nuclear waste dump and Flaming Fleeces - The Overlooked  an agricultural artwork  in Millom, Cumberland Irene Rogan

2023 Real Presences - Presentation  and Talk - The Parsonage Room, Broughton in Furness,  Cumberland

2023 COSMIC EXPLORERS  Broughton and Thwaites Primary School  astronomy and microscopy art and science workshops exhibition,  The Vicarage, Broughton in Furness, Cumberland023

2023 Creation: Life in the Making Workshops in Broughton in Furness, Ulpha, Seathwaite, Hallthwaites 

2022 UNPUBLISHED, Liverpool exhibition 15 Cumbrian artists

2021 - 2022 Being and Dwelling, St Michaels Church, Hawkshead, Cumbria

2021 Unpublished Tour, Millom, Haverigg and Duddon estuary,Cumbria     

2020  ReDrift, West Coast Cumbria

2019 – 2020 Between Silence and Light, Millom and villages, Cumbria

2018 – 19 ‘The Making of a Cultural Landscape’ Moving Mountains environmental art a programme of art collaborations between Irene Rogan and local and regional artists, the local and agricultural community in Millom Cumbria, UK; short film, music and composition, environmental art, photography, poetry, video and artist talks.

2017 FINDING CUBA Research Centre for Cuban Studies, University of Nottingham, Cuban collaborative project, paintings, photography and video, Notitngham

2017 Arcane Tender, Havana, Cuba - Artist’s International Development Fund, Arts Council of England and The British Council: research for exchange project, networking and collaborations with  Cuban artists and researching Cuban culture.

2017 Nottingham Light Night, city-wide event, Hologram of a diatom and text, Innovation and Development programme, working with Nottingham Trent University, UK Nottingham Castle

2016 Living Dock residency and ‘Precious’ exhibition at the GSML, Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory Panacea, Florida, USA

2015  ‘Luotaamaton alue’ ( The Unsurveyed Area) part I and II - international artists visiting the archipelago;  Reksaari, Nurmes and Kuuskajaskari islands, Finland  Nurmes Island, Finland - Environmental works, photography, poetry and mapping.

2015 Morphogenesis, the Settlement community centre, Maryport, Cumbria

2015 Art, science and environment projects Framework Charity for vulnerable and homeless adults, The Burrow, Nottingham 

2015 Morphogenesis Art science and Environment, RaumArs Residency Programme, Rauma, Finland

2014 - 15 Future Factory team, collaboration for 3D printing, microbiology, Nottingham Trent University, UK

2014 Urban Grace, Research and production located on city centre abandoned industrial site, The Island, Nottingham

2014 Allegory of Faith exhibition Nottingham UK, panels now in a permanent exhibition at Christchurch Heritage Centres in Jerusalem and Beit Emmanuel Jaffa, Israel



2013 BLOOM eco-art and science schools project, University of Aberdeen, Natural History Centre

2012-13 River Don AIR Public Art Development Scheme, Aberdeen City Council, in collaboration with SURF Aberdeen (Sustainable Urban Fringes – an Interreg North Sea Programme), Scotland, UK

2013 EAFS 13 Environmental Arts Festival selected for ‘The Archivist’ with curator Jo Hodges, Scotland

2012 Light Night Nottingham City Council - light sculpture commission and public engagement collaborating with SEND arts organisation and  Greenway Centre community arts, Nottingham, UK

2012 The Games People Play, the Atrium, ICCA Centre - Nottingham, Quad - Derby, and Embrace Arts – Leicester UK

2011 & 12 ‘Process’, Burghley House, Burghley Park Stamford, Lincolnshire UK - sculpture exhibition

2010 Body in Pieces - Sideshow 2010 curator/exhibitor supporting The British Art Show 7, Nottingham UK

2010 ‘The year we made contact’, group exhibition, Exchange Walk, Nottingham UK  

2010 REUNION Oldknows Factory, For Realism’ installation. Nottingham UK ‘

2010 Head Heart Hand Harold Martin Botanic Gardens University of Leicester, UK

2009 Celebration of British Sculpture, International Artist’s exhibition - University of Leicester UK

2008 VITAL, Solo exhibition the Tobacco Factory, Bristol, England. UK

2008 Influence group exhibition Chapel Gallery, Bath, UK

2007 ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ residency and exhibition Finzean, Aberdeenshire, Scotland UK.

2006 Liverpool Independents Biennial - ‘Passion’ The Projection Gallery film ‘The Unknown Image’16m b/w short film writer/director /co-Producer, Liverpool, UK

2006 Sunday Shorts; A feast of film showing my film ‘unknown image ‘Drama Theatre, Plymouth UK

2006 Plymouth Exchange PEX06 Film Festival, ‘Unknown Image’ writer/ producer/ director Mass, USA

2002 WYRED Wales UK - project manager and exhibitor Touring mobile cinema, screening short films by award winning new directors from Wales, transforming community facilities and public spaces into a film theatre in villages without cinemas - South to Mid Wales, Wales UK



2017 Travel Research Cuba British Council and Arts Council of England

2016  Residency, Marine Specimen Laboratory, Panacea, Florida

2015 Raumars Residency, Rauma, Finland

2011 p.ART 2011, Group Painting Exhibition, Pankow, Charlottenburg, Berlin.

2009 Images, Árvore Gallery, Centro De Actividades Artisticas, Portugal, 

2008 Dams Research, (Arts Council England) Three Gorges Dam, Yichang, China,  

2009 IMAGES - Exposição Galeria de imagens, Ávore Cooperativa De Actividades Artísticas CRL, Oporto,

2006 Exchange PEX06 Film Festival, selected ‘Unknown Image’ writer/ producer/ director, Plymouth, USA 

2005 Holland Art Fair paintings exhibition The Hague, Holland

2004 & 05 Galeria de Gaudi, paintings exhibition, Madrid, Spain

2003 Utopien, Visionen, Lebenswelten,’ He that Ploughs’ installation, international multi-media art event: sculpture, Installation, e KiC NordArt nr Hamburg, Germany

2000 Presences Reais Árvore Gallery, Centro De Actividades Artisticas, Portugal



2021 - 24 Diocese of Carlisle Growth Fund

2022 CGP/Millom Town Council Community Grant - Unpublished, Liverpool

2021 Cumbria Wildlife Trusts Dynamic Dunescapes, Haverigg Cumbria  - art project 

2021 Art Council England Unpublished Tour, Millom, Cumbria

2020 Art Council England ReDrift, West Cumbria

2019 Arts Council England Grants for Arts Between Silence and Light, Millom Cumbria

2018 Arts Council England Grants for Arts - The Making of a Cultural Landscape, Millom Cumbria

2017 Arts Council England and The British Council Artists International Development Fund- travel research, Arcane Tender, Cuba

2016 Nottingham Trent University Enabling and Innovation Programme development of a hologram

2015 Arts Council England Grant for Arts Morphogenesis with RaumArs Residency Programme, Finland 

2015 RaumArs Residency Funded  Programme, Finland

2014 Nottingham Trent University Future Factory grant for 3D printing design development

2008 Arts Council of England Outward Mission to China Arts Council England Project for six artists to travel to Chongqing and for a self-directed research project on hydroelectric dams, the Three Gorges Dam, China 

2005 Arts & Business Wales, Winner Arts & Business Award with Architen Landrail, Chepstow, Wales UK

2005 Pontypool Council - Project Funding for short film and projection event, Torfaen, Wales UK

2004 Artworks Wales Cywaith Cymru residency grant ‘Artist at Work’ with Architen Landrell Ltd Wales UK

2004 Wales Arts International, travel grant Kic Nordart, Hamburg, Germany

2002 Arts Council Wales grant for Wyred short film touring cinema, Wales

2002 Monmouthshire County Council, Wales grant for Wyred touring short films in villages project, Wales

1999 Arts Council England, film grant for Unknown Image 16mm b/w short writer, producer, director

1996 Pollack Krasner Foundation, Grant, New York US



2014 Seaforth Place, Stirling, Scotland final shortlist design public artwork  for new urban centre, Michale Laird Architects

2008 - 2012 Lead Artist - Riverside Centre JSC, Nottingham City Council, Laing O Rourke, recommendations for an arts programme  ‘Art at the Heart’,  permanent and temporary commissions ‘ Nottingham, UK

2012 OPUN, East Midlands Architecture Centre - Design Review Panel Member

2011 Big Bright Night, Rochdale Lead Artist for Oldham Rochdale Housing Market Renewal sculpture and lighting commission Kirkholt Estate, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, UK

2011 Lead Artist Oldham Rochdale Housing Market Renewal Sculptural earthworks and arts programming proposing artists, and themes, including biodiversity projects for Kirkholt Estate, Rochdale UK

2009-2010 Chettles Yard Gateway sculpture commission. With Lewis Hickey Architects, OPAL Properties in partnership with Nottingham Trent University, UK

2010 SoundWave Ltd, Sculpture Commission working with musicians, writers Workington, Cumbria UK

2009 Artist Turnstone Estates, Chelmsford  Borough Council, Essex County Council Celestial Fix’ Sculpture Commission  for a new hotel, residential accommodation and commercial premises,  with SMC Covell Matthews Architects , e2v space imaging company, Chelmsford  High School students,  Canada France Hawaii Telescope, Hawaii, USA

2009 - Artist in Residence, Arnold Health Centre, with CPMG Architects, toward designs for embedded exterior and interior artworks, Nottingham UK 

2008 Consultant Artist Bournemouth Borough Council identifying locations and art budgets for artwork community library.  Working with the Architect and design team

2007 Consultant Artist for Bournemouth Borough Council, regeneration scheme recommendations for art interventions for Boscombe Spa Village, Bournemouth, UK

2006 - Art Consultant Nottingham City Council, Urban Lighting Vision:  The delivery of a creative-led sustainable lighting strategy for Nottingham City, UK

2004-2006 Ipswich Shared Space, a public artist with landscape architects and urban designers Sheils Flynn Ltd, Suffolk County Council, Suffolk, UK

2000 - 2004  NORA Nar Ouse Regeneration Area  Lead artist and design development for a landmark feature, incorporating a viewing platform and shelter/cafe Sculpture Glass tower inspired by diatoms found in the rivers Nar and Ouse.

2000-03 Turning Tides Gainsborough lead artist and commissioned to develop designs for large-scale sculpture and viewing platform the Whoosh, the flood defence site was. featured in the Guardian, it was focused on the regeneration of buildings and landscape of the neglected riverside in Gainsborough

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