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chettles mounds and opal

Diatomica, Chettles Yard,



The sculptures' final designs draw inspiration from an in-depth study of diatoms and microorganisms found  in the River Leen, which runs through this vibrant recreational area. This connection to nature's water resources celebrates biodiversity and utilises eco-friendly materials, reflecting the artist's ongoing fascination with diatoms and aquatic microorganisms. Bio City laboratories provided facilities for examining water samples.

Four sculptures, each standing at 1.7 meters tall, located a landscaped entrance. Collaborating with Robinson Landscaping, the artist devised concepts to harmonise the sculptures with the surrounding landscape. Miniature grass earthworks, inspired by diatoms and other organisms, informed the landscaping design, aiming to seamlessly integrate the landscape with the artwork. Throughout the research and development phase, various methods including photographic documentation, drawings, models, and environmental experiments were employed.

Client: OPAL Construction in partnership with Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

Value: £90,00

Dimensions: 4 sculptures 1.7 x 1.7  m

Material: Jesmonite and stainless steel/ integrated landscaping and street furniture

Date: 2011

Design team:

Lewis Hickey Architects

CAD images: Gareth Cain and Jackson Woolley

Robinson Landscaping

Nottingham City Council

Proposed new fabricator Richard Arm Casting About NTU


Project Management NTU

Stella Couloutbanis

John Newling

Terry Shave

Student: Lucy Broadhurst

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