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Between Silence and Light

"Between Silence and Light"  is the title of a  proposal with two fold purpose  to learn stone carving  for my art practice and to create a series of three carved slate standing stones, each surpassing two meters in height. This endeavour aimed to establish a sense of continuity, referencing the local heritage of the nearby ancient Swinside (or Sunken Kirk) stone circle, the coastal path and engaging the community. Unlike the stone circle these new stones would not only be monumental; they would incorporate a narrative element. Specifically, they were intended to be carved with imagery and text pertinent to their respective locations. To achieve this, I invited stone sculptor Danny Clahane as an adviser, tasked with imparting stone carving skills through tuition, workshops, and direct involvement in the carving process of the standing stones. Between Silence and Light  was a project  linking contemporary art with the presence of ancient stone circles, enhancing their context and significance.

"Between Silence and Light" project provided an avenue to explore a new medium: stone. Over time, it facilitated the evolution of my artistic practice, integrating more conceptual elements into the stone carving process. This development underscores my ongoing commitment to bridging the realms of art and science. As a result, a series of small carvings emerged, centred around the theme of diatoms. These intricate carvings were inspired by SEM images sourced from Dr. Tiffany’s diatom collection, further enriching the intersection of art and scientific exploration.  There is a flip book at the bottom of the page with full description of events.

Irene and Danny  stone carving and sculpture.jpg

Danny Clahane stone sculptor (teaching)  and artist Irene Rogan (learning stone carving methods on slate stone))

diatom stone gold leaf.jpg

 A diatom Lime stone  and gold leaf sculpture  based on diatom

Didymosphenia geminata

diatom stone carving.jpg
diatom stone carving.jpg1.jpg

 A diatom stone sculpture inspired bythe Biddulphia anetdiluviana


Dr Tiffany collection: Biddulphia anetdiluviana

Between Silence and Light illustrated  document of the project

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