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Mobile cinema showcases film talent



The films are between three and 16 minutes long.

The magic of movies is being brought to rural parts of south Wales which do not have cinemas.

A series of short films are being shown by a mobile touring cinema at venues along the Wye Valley.

The programme of 11 films includes a number of Oscar-nominated and Bafta award-winning movies made by Welsh-based directors.


Some of the works were Oscar-nominated

The project, called Wyred, is being held in five venues in Monmouthshire and Powys, including village halls, pubs and cafes.


"The idea was to take these short films to remote rural locations for people to see in their own villages," said Irene Rogan, who initiated the project.

"A lot of these places don't have the facilities to show films.

"We wanted to give people the chance to see some of the short films that would not otherwise be shown there.

Among the movies is the animated 'Wife of Bath', which won a Bafta award and was nominated for an Oscar in 1999.

"The films are very entertaining, some are funny and some are very poignant," said Ms Rogan. "A lot has been featured in international film festivals like Cannes.

"There is no graphic sex or violence, but there is some nudity, so it may not be suitable for children but we wouldn't turn anyone away," she added.


The directors will hold talks about their films

The project is part of the not-for-profit arts group, Unknown Image, whose aim is to promote contemporary visual arts and films to the broader public throughout Wales.

It has been supported by the Arts Council of Wales and Monmouthshire Council who have provided a grant for the project.

"We hope that people will enjoy this showcase because next year we are inviting the directors of the films to return to the venues to hold workshops in filmmaking," said Ms Rogan.

"People will be able to make their own films with the help of the directors and it should be very interesting."As part of this current project,  we are showing a series of films and animations."We have also got a guest appearance by one of the featured directors who will give a talk about their work following the screening," she said.

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Mobile cinema showcases film talent

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