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He That Plows

Site performance and installation

9 he that plows full size with office.jpg
Workers lockers were found in a nearby disused factory with original clothing and personal objects, Photobloc, light source, and adjacent to an elevated office with an open window. Dimensions: Lockers: 172 x 864 x 197 cm.

He that Plows 


Kic Nordart

Budelsdorf, Germany

On seeing the worker's lockers they were immediately reminiscent of cages. The clothing and personal objects they contained were a ghostly reminder of the workers. The physical effort of moving these ‘cages’ from the disused factory to the exhibition space became a symbolic act, made more significant in becoming aware of the history of the site. The installation acknowledges the workers particularly on finding a notice board from a later period in the history of the site, identifying each of the workers and the duration of their service, some of them over forty years.


The installation is located below an elevated observation room, or office through which a window can be seen to frame nature offering some hope or optimism. The spacing of the lockers allows visitors access and there is a space contained within the centre of the work that is at once both alluring and inaccessible and which houses a photograph of the view through the office window.


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