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A.D. 2010

A.D. 2010 The Year We Made Contact

Exchange Walk, Nottingham

An exhibition of painting and installation featuring:

Steve Ingman, Mik Godley, Yelena Popova and Irene Rogan

(window installation by Irene Rogan SETI and A.D. 2010)

seti detail

SETI  Window installation, satellite dishes, lights, laptop and power source 

'SETI' is located in one of two window spaces in Nottingham City Centre and is an exploration of the search for life beyond Earth, influenced by current research  SETI* (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).


The installtiom is comprised of satellite dishes with twinkling lights and cables seemingly connected to a computer screen displaying the words ‘I Am’ in several languages including Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Hebrew, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, German, and  Hindu. The installation is a theatrical work that imagines what the SETI dishes would discover 'at the end of the universe'. In this case, the words 'I Am' are mysteriously listed in every Earth language in a loop sequence on a laptop in the same space. 'I Am' is the name of God from the Bible Old Testament.


*The mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe. SETI involves a number of activities people undertake to seek out intelligent extraterrestrial life and use scientific methods to search for electromagnetic transmissions from civilizations on distant planets, satellite SETI dishes are built for this purpose at locations around the world.

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