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COSMIC Explorers   
HARP (Helio Audified Resonances in Plasma)

SUMMARY Our Sun ejects a steady stream of charged particles. Some of these particles impact Earth’s magnetic field, which rebounds, flexing and dancing. The HARP project invites you to help study the strumming of this magnetic field and the waves and vibrations that result.
The project examines data from three NASA THEMIS mission satellites orbiting Earth. These satellites, part of the “Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS)” mission, measure motions of the Earth’s magnetic field, which can teach us about space weather. The HARP project converts these measurements to sound and asks you to help look for patterns amid the noise.

I joined  NASA's  Citizen Scientist Project HARP and introduced  Primary school pupils to the programme. This was also part of my research. In contacting the HARP team by email I was delighted to receive a reply that they would be happy to Skype for Q&A.

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