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Morphogenesis  Rauma, Finland

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Image of diatoms from water collection around Rauma.

Ruama funfair from water tower using tourist telescope

Morphogenesis: Art, Science, and the Environment" Irene Rogan's  RaumArs international residency programme in Rauma, Finland. This project evolved into seven independent projects, all centered around the concept of exploring hidden biodiversity in water and conservation efforts. The title "Morphogenesis" signifies the beginning of shape formation and serves as a cover-all term for these projects.

The seven projects include:

  1. The Schools Project: Collaboration with teachers and pupils to develop experimental projects exploring hidden biodiversity in water (and special guest Dr. Richard Gordon).

  2. Hidden Diatom - Artist Book: Creation of an artist book showcasing the visually stunning micro-organisms known as diatoms, which are invisible to the naked eye but revealed through microscopy.

  3. Lace Up: A project involving collaboration with artist Tarmo Thorström and Lacemakers to produce creative works inspired by diatoms and water conservation.

  4. Maanpää Residents Protest Group: Engaging residents in activism and awareness-building regarding water conservation and biodiversity.

  5. Mikrokosmos: Experimental art exhibtion  responding to the natural environment, heritage and memory. 

  6. Hinterland: Investigation the landscape, walks, mapping and photography.

  7. Diatom Gallery: Creation of a gallery showcasing images of diatoms captured through microscopy, highlighting their beauty and importance in the environment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Overall, the Morphogenesis project utilises art and basic science practices, such as microscopy, to collect water samples and observe diatoms, inspiring the production of creative works while raising awareness about water conservation and biodiversity.

The Schools Project

Pinalla and  diatom-inspired Art Lab

a city-wide



(Hidden Diatom)

Limited Edition

Rauma Printmakers

Lace Up

Rauma Lacemakers


Maanpää  protest

protest group


Sepän talo

experimental art 


edges, cycling, walking mapping,


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