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Broughton-in-Furness Primary School


Imagery from the presentation to pupils on space exploration and NASA's Citizen Science progrmme about the sound of planets

Cosmos Workshops

Cosmic Explorers bridging Art and Science 

Cosmic Explorers is a school project which aims to engage young pupils in exploring ‘Heavens and the Earth’ through the fascinating world of deep space science and microbiology and the biodiversity found in water. By combining art and science, the project will provide a unique learning experience, fostering curiosity and inspiring a sense of wonder about the macro and micro aspects of our universe.

Cosmos focuses on connecting pupils with NASA's HARP Citizen Science programme, a deep space science project exploring Sounds of Space and Hubble’s images of real space. Artist Irene Rogan with pupils to create artworks response to ‘Sounds of Space’. David Baker was invited to join us to help create ‘Sounds from Earth’ using the acoustics instruments collection from around the world including a morse code message! 

cosmic explorers.jpg

Cosmic Explorers  Exhibition

cosmic explorers1.jpg

Cosmic  Explorers was the culmination of science workshops in Space exploration and Microscopy

Sound Workshop with David Baker 

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