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Schools Projects Finland


Normaalikoulu school project for the Pinalla (afloat) event 

examining water and surface.

For the residency  I worked with three schools  and university. I created a  presentation to the children covering the natural  environment and water biodiversity, in particular diatoms. We visited to  Rauma kanali which runs through the middle of the city to make a water collection and look  through  a microscope at what we could find. From this we developed a sculpture  which merged with the city-wide  event for all schools  the Pinella  on the theme of  'water and water surface and what would float? 

We decided to use recyled materials  from home, plastic such as  lids from boxes and developed it into a diatom-inspired shape to float on top of a plastic sheet. and then we joined the other schools to see whose work would float  - of course ours di, to great cheers from along the canalside

Rauman freinetkoulu

Rauman freinetkoulu school project for the Pinalla - pupils made water collections and viewed them through a microscope and created  large drawings for visitors to colour

Following water collecting and observation  through microscope the pupils developed a series of large scale drawings based on their observations and  photographs or images from computers  to reference . These drawings took  inspiration the from of the widely popular  colouring books usually of intricate floral or natural forms for adults.  These were presented at the Pinalla  art lab  close to the Rauma Kanali where visitors could  come and  colour the drawings, later displayed in the City library.


Special Guest  Dr. Richard Gordon

Eminent Theoretical  Biologist Dr. Richard Gordon agreed to  attend a Skype event with the pupils.  Following a presentation I gave on  biodiversity in water and new  research in nanotechnology, they wished to ask a scientist questions about  diatoms and nanotechnology.  The pupils came to school early and Dr. Gordon stayed up very late.



Uotilarinteenkoulu, is situated outside Rauma city centre  working with a group of students aged 10 to 15. I gave a presentation  on environmental art and my own research on water biodiversity, particularly focusing on diatoms and their various forms.

Following the presentation, the students were given a creative challenge. They were asked to work with a specific material - in this case, long lengths of blue rope. Using this rope, the students were instructed to create a series of interventions or installations within the natural landscape and woodland surrounding their school grounds.

Subsequently, the students were tasked with another activity involving natural materials. They were encouraged to explore their surroundings and collect natural materials they could use to construct "rafts." These rafts were then floated on the water, as a hands-on exploration of buoyancy and  encouraged to engage creatively with their environment, explore concepts of art and biodiversity, and develop practical skills in using materials to create art installations and objects.

Karin koulu