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veil nebula

The Veil Nebula, Image supplied by CHFT Hawaii, USA (Canada, France, Hawaii Telescope)

Celestial Fix  is an embedded  ceiling sculpture commissioned by Turnstone Estates, Chelmsford incorporated into the new Army and Navy Hotel, retail and residential building. The embedded artwork is an interactive light sculpture is made from glass, light, aluminium and light source with an image from deep space known as the 'Veil Nebula' creating a work that connects the viewer with an image of the real universe.  


The stars evoke a sense of awe and  the inspirational importance of the stars in the history of human development, mythology and scientific exploration.  Collaborating  with CHFT Hawaii, USA (Canada, France, Hawaii Telescope) personnel involved receiving a large-scale image of the nebula, from their telescope, imagery printed to the size of the artwork, which was over  four metres to  provide sharp and ensure colour and definition. Sscientist James Endicott from e2v (space imaging company supplier of sensors to Hubble and international terrestrial telescopes), based in

Chelmsford, Essex advised me on how to create ‘Celestial Fix’  that connects environment and science and the International Year of Astronomy. James Endicott collaborated on developing a mapping working with  Sixth Form pupils from Moulsham High School. We developed two 'new' constellations for Chelmsford to be embedded within the artwork 'shelter and 'hand'. The constellations are created from fibre optic lights and are programmed to alternate each month synchronised with real celestial events occurring throughout the year whether visible or invisible to us, using an astronomy calendar on the NASA website.


For the launch event, I invited local students to participate in a drumming workshop with artist  Chris Lewis Jones to create music inspired by the stars and the artwork.

cesltial fix  WEB 1

Client: Turnstone Estates, Chelmsford

Value: £21,000 excluding site preparation and Materials: Toughened Glass, aluminium, and fibre optic lighting, data programmer



Chelmsford Borough Council

Essex County Council

e2v Space Imaging, Chelmsford

CFHT Canada France Hawaii Telescope

Chelmsford High School Sixth Form

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