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Diatom Gallery

The the black and white images are from Dr Mary Ann Tiffany's  field trips and for collectiing and photgraphing diatoms from around the world. I have had the priviliedge to be allowed to acces them for environmental art projects. Three neon diatom images are from Ennvironmental Art Scotland 2013  by  Spike Walker I was invited to participate in a collaboration for 'The Archivist' ,a  performative display project curated by Jo Hodge using diatoms as one of the display references.

irene rogan 3 D diatom project

The image of the 3D print of a diatom produced in collaboration with  Mary Ann Tiffany, Future Fsactory Nottingham Trent University cliick on link to visit the site

Otyatatemushi's video of Bacillaria Paradoxa micro-organisms display the elegance and beauty of movement of some diatoms. Currently 'diatom motility' is being investigated, how do they move? Interestingly and mysteriously, scientists having undertaken intense observations of Bacillaria Paradoxa diatomea and generated  many theories, still cannot fully explain how the diatoms create movement.

The Bacillaria Paradoxa Project


January 02  - February 03 2016

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